✨🦄 Once upon a time... 🌈✨

Our rainbow unicorns have searched the lands far & wide for the most magical cutlery and brought it home to therainbowco castle! And now we’re sharing it with you! So your food experience is as magical as it should be. 

Throw your plastic, eco-damaging cutlery in the cauldron and get your hands on our re-useable forks, spoons, knives, straws & chopsticks! All are handmade with love by fairies (don't worry...we're paying them way above minimum wage), making each utensil uniquely yours.

Say "yes" to eco-friendly, say "no" to boring cutlery & make the unicorns (and our turtles) happy!

💖  Handmade with love. Crafted with care. We’re sprinkling a little bit of pure magic into each mouthful. ✨

🦄 🌈  Welcome to therainbowco! 🌈 🦄